Why Maintenance Should Never Be Ignored.

It’s a well know fact that when you service mechanical equipment on a regular basis it performs to the manufacturers design and reduces the risk of problems developing as it gets older.

Air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration suffer from everyday wear and tear and regularly need to be checked and cleaned. These systems are designed to perform at their optimum for many years. Having your equipment checked regularly can reduce energy usage and potential downtime.

If parts are dirty or worn the mechanical parts work harder and put strain on the whole system. If one part fails it can start a chain reaction causing other critical parts to fail. Equipment that is regularly maintained can save up to 10% on your energy bills and prolong its life.

Legal Requirements

European Legislation EN378 covers the strict operation, maintenance and repair of systems which contain refrigeration F-gas. There are specific levels of regular inspection based on the amount of
F-gas within each system and end users of this equipment have legal responsibilities to ensure there are no refrigerant leaks on the system.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Can you survive equipment downtime?
To some businesses downtime can be a costly exercise. Having your equipment regularly checked can fix potential problems before they occur.

The main parts of any refrigeration system are the condenser, the compressor, the evaporator and fans. We can provide a tailor made PPM to suit your situation based on equipment use and your budget. A clearly laid out schedule which complies with legal obligations and manufacturers recommendations can identify items that need to be checked and how frequently they need to be checked.

Because it is the responsibility of the end user and the maintenance company to keep detailed records of each piece of equipment, we can provide an accurate equipment log which notes all repairs and maintenance carried out. This also provides an audit file for future maintenance.

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