Air Conditioning Servicing Essex



As well as supplying our air conditioning services to the large commercial and retail sector, we also offer smaller affordable fully installed units for the domestic home allowing you to feel fresh, active and relaxed with remote controlled units acting as both cooling devices and home heating system replacing the need for central heating systems.


Affordable Air Conditioning Servicing Essex

ACRE Services offer the complete package, from first point of contact to design, installation, completion and after sales care. We provide affordable pricing but high quality service.

As Essex UK leading  Air conditioning & Refrigeration service providers we provide a scope for all your Cooling, Repairs, Installation and Service needs from small residential to large commercial scale.


Our products include fantastic wall mounted split systems, ideal for both conservatories, bedrooms, and other rooms in the home, giving you comfortable temperatures no matter what the weather is like outside.


Our systems are also ideal for those with allergic reactions, as all our air conditioners use state of the art filters that capture dirt, dust, pollen, smoke and mould spores.


No.1 Commercial Refrigeration Services Essex

ACRE Services repair and sell refrigeration’s products, cold storage solutions, cold storage equipment, ice machines and repairs refrigeration’s products.


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View below wall mounted air conditioning units in the living room and bedroom.

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Gree wall mounted systems for home office or bedroom from £756 + vat

Soft start

Through adjusting the startup voltage and capacitor of compressor to lower it’s starting current, enabling the compressor to start smoothly, restraining the impact on distribution network and postponing the wastage on compressor

Intelligent auto restart

Upon power is resumed after power failure, the units in the whole building will not be restarted at the same time to avoid impact of electricity net. (Especially suitable for engineering project)

Wire control (optional)

If you need the wired controller, please ask the installation personnel to connect it when installing the air conditioner. However, the normal operation won’t be affected if the wire controller is not connected.

Adjustable memory

Adjustable memory function is available through controlling remote controller, conduct setting flexibly according to user’s usage habit.