YMCA Romford Dance studio

Exercisers using the dance studio were complaining that their perspiration was causing the floor to become slippery and the atmosphere was not comfortable.

The YMCA wanted a system that complied with Sport England criteria. A temperature range of 16℃ to 28℃, control over the amount of fresh air introduced into the room, use of free ambient cooling and heating and a dehumidifier.

The solution we came up with uses two Hi-Velocity© systems, providing 28kW of heating and cooling. The system is controlled using a space temperature/humidity/CO2 sensor, ambient temperature/humidity sensor and air supply, mix and exhaust dampers. The system has the usual 7-day timer settings and is also linked to two PIR sensors to enable the system to shut down when the dance studio is not in use.


In the dance studio we provided a simple user friendly controller which has various levels of control.


Inside the dance studio, air is supplied via five 250mm ducts each having twenty six 40mm outlets.


Outside, the two Hi-Velocity© units feed into a single supply duct.