ACRE Services offer all our clients planned, preventative maintenance contracts, which are tailor made to suit each one’s particular demands and offer complete peace of mind.

Why maintain your air conditioning, refrigeration or ventilation systems?
Mechanical systems contain moving parts which require regular attention. It is also a duty of care and a statutory obligation to have these systems checked regularly. Regular checks are designed to improve the efficiency and reduce running costs as well as improving the quality of the environment the product is in.

It is also a legal requirement under the Montreal Protocol (EC1005/2009) that all systems containing CFC and HCFC Fluorinated gases are leak check on a regular basis and records kept of any leaks and repairs. Systems containing between 3Kg and 30Kg of refrigerant must be checked every 12 months and systems above 30Kg of refrigerant must be checked every 6 months.

As part of our maintenance contract these checks are carried out to all systems, whether they need it or not.

If you wish to discuss your particular requirements, please call Dean on 0800 849 2181 or via the enquiry form

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